Privacy Policy

Stadium Properties and its affiliated companies and brands including but not limited to Alton Self Storage, values our customers and website users’ privacy.

As a general practice we do not sell our customer or website user data.  Our websites may use cookies to collect and track user activity anonymously and/or in a non-user-specific manner for the purposes of general website analytics and ad retargeting. Specific user data may be collected when users volunteer information via website forms, including contact forms, rental reservation requests, and others.

We may also link to 3rd party/partner websites to process online reservations and rentals. In these cases, the security of your data is directly managed by these 3rd parties. Stadium Properties does have access to this data. We do not sell the data and take steps to protect the data if we import it into systems that we do control.

With Reference to 3rd Party Analytics and Tracking:

Analytics: This website uses Google Analytics to collect non personalized data regarding website activity. There are ways for users to limit this information transmission through implementation of browser plugins.  More information regarding these free opt-out browser plugins from Google, can be found here.
Retargeting: Our websites may make use of Cookie technology which can be used to determine your viewing preferences (e.g. mobile vs desktop), and to selectively serve ads and information to prior website visitors through 3rd party websites which are part of Google’s advertiser network, Facebook’s advertising network, and other similar websites and services. For information regarding opting out of these programs and/or personalizing your ad settings, you can visit Google, here, or Facebook here.

In Reference to the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)
Stadium Properties and its affiliated companies are not regulated under the CCPA. However, we value your privacy and the spirit of the protection that the CCPA offers. If you have questions or concerns regarding how we handle, process, and protect your data, we encourage you to contact us.

Other Data Collection
More personalized data collection, which may include your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and other details, is found on a number of our forms. These include but are not limited to our Contact Form, Referral Form, Advance Reservations Form(s).  Once again, this data is not resold.

If you are completing an online reservation or rental, more personalized data may be collected via integrated 3rd party/partner website services and forms. This information may include Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Payment Instrument details, and other details.  Although we do not directly control the servers and software collecting and processing this information, we do have access to this information and may at times use this information in our own internal systems. Where we use or import that information into systems we control, a similar level of protection is employed as to that of those where we collect the data directly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us at (949) 553-0558, email us at, or write to us at Alton Self Storage, 2215 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606. Alternatively, you can contact us at Stadium Properties, LLC, 17671 Cowan Avenue, Suite #125, Irvine, CA 92614.